Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Going Dutch Oven

I headed out to the city to explore with Lonely Planet Guide in hand. I poked around Macquarie Street (which by the way, I have no friggin idea how to pronounce.) I took a picture of the hospital because the story on that is it was funded and built on rum money. All the more reason to drink, I say! My friend Brett called and took me down to a bunch of pubs in the Rocks and out to eat. He and I argued where New Castle beer was made (which we all know it’s ENGLISH beer) and he made fun of my shoes. My friend Michelle told me that Australian singles always went dutch on dates. So I asked Brett if that were true as well. He had no idea what “going dutch” meant but seemed to think that it meant “dutch oven.” He didn’t think it was such a good idea to Dutch-oven someone on a first date. I just about died laughing.

The next day I took a cab out to our company’s Sydney office in Homebush Bay (which I kept saying Homebay Bush and it drove Brett up the wall). I met my Aussie counterparts and went out to lunch with one of them. Apparently a few of them went out the night before and were completely hung-over. They asked me questions about our American campaigns and our new software. I had a nice visit with them and I still keep in touch with Tony, the director there. Maybe someday, they’ll give me a job. Here’s hoping!

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