Sunday, March 4, 2007

Your Accent is Funny

Kent took me to Watson’s Bay so I could ride the ferry and see the city. The ferry ride was nice and the scenery was beautiful. I spent most of my time chatting with Kent and finding out the intricacies of his life. I tend to do that with people a lot. I suppose I am intense. I can chitchat with the best of them, but I personally like to pick apart a person’s psyche.

We hung out at Watson’s Bay and ate lunch consisting of garlic shrimp and chips (fries). We wandered around taking in the cliffs, beaches, and nice weather. When I went to the bathroom I checked to see if the water swirls the other way when you flush the toilets (and they DO). After a couple of hours we headed back to the Sydney Harbor and enjoyed a beer at the Opera House Bar while staring at the Opera House. It was funny because when I started planning this trip my co-worker Bernell told me the only thing that was in Sydney was a stupid opera House and that Melbourne was much better. It's hard for me to say which city I liked better. I think they're both great cities. So the stupid Opera House in my opinion was quite impressive. It's a nice building and even more beautiful at night. It is located where the ferries are, so I passed it often. The Opera House Bar is a popular spot and it always seemed to be filled with tourists and locals alike. I'd like to thank Kent for letting me post his picture here. He told me that this was the first time his picture was ever posted on the Internet and he didn't seem at all thrilled about it. I told him perhaps this website would make him famous, but seeing as only 3 people read this thing I don't think he has too much to be embarrassed about.

After a couple of hours Kent took me over to the suburbs to eat at his favorite Chinese food restaurant. I have to say Australians like food more on the vinegar taste and not on the hot and spicy side. They also don’t have hot mustard and soy sauce on the table like us Americans. Here we are, two Asians from entirely different sides of the planet and completely not Asian. We poked fun of each other’s accents. I have very American accent and Kent has a very nice Australian one. Kent couldn’t get over how much I liked that lemon tonic water. I couldn’t get over the fact that he was such a lightweight and I was the raging alcoholic.
When I got back to the hotel I decided to watch some Australian television since I don’t sleep when I travel. I don’t watch much television at home but I easily get sidetracked by cable in foreign hotels. I think because I don’t watch TV much at home that given the opportunity- I will definitely be couch potato. I spent the entire night watching an Indian movie and Australian MTV.

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