Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vietnamese Cashews

So I pick up my parents up from the airport after their infamous trip to Vietnam. I am waiting there in the car and my mom calls and says they're in Customs and they will be right out.
Thirty minutes later I call to see why they haven't made it out. My dad answers and tells me, "We are going to be in here awhile because your mother told Customs she has food." Dad comes out and is pissed off. He gets in the car and tells me he wants to go home RIGHT NOW. I ask Mom what the deal was with Customs and what kind of food did she bring home. She told Customs that she had a bag of cashews. So they decided that they were going to go through my parents entire luggage.
My parents took 4 suitcases full of clothes with them and gave away everything in them over the course of 2 weeks. So, naturally, Customs asks them why they went on a 2 week vacation and they have empty suitcases (and a bag of cashews). I ask Mom why she didn't throw away the cashews because I'm thinking she bought some kind of snack bag at the airport. She shrugs and says that she was just being honest.
So the next thing I know, I walk into the kitchen after they unpack and they have 20 pounds of cashews on the kitchen table. Holy mackarel! No wonder Customs was all weird. My parents have 4 empty suitcases, only the clothes on their backs, and a crapload of cashews. I explained to my mother that we have cashews in America. I even ate the damn things to see if they tasted different. They were the SAME. My mom just shrugs again and tells me, "I like cashews....and Jackie's mom wanted me to bring her back some."
Who the hell asks someone on their way to Vietnam- Hey, bring me back some cashews!

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