Saturday, January 13, 2007

American Airlines, I forgive you

The crazy Dallas weather strikes again. This time it's the "wintery mix" instead of a wall of rain. So American Airlines accepted my voluntary initiative to change my flight to Wednesday instead of Thursday and waived the change fee. Thanks American Airlines, I don't want to break up with you anymore.

I took advantage of my travel change to reserve tickets to a Sumo match on Thursday. All thanks to my Kabuki Actor Inn. They kickass I have to say. There's much to be said about a place that will give you a side key and sumo tickets and all you have to do is write a nice email. I am friggin excited! I'm going to go see a bunch of fat guys wrestle! Plus, I called the USO in Korea to reserve a ticket to go to the demilitarized zone in Korea. Of course, my friend Lee tells me not to get shot and to be careful not to go into the areas where the landmines are. I know its going to be crazy there, but I really would like to see it.

Last night I realized that my drinking is in tip top shape. I downed an Amaretto Sour, 3 glasses of Sangria, 2 Dos Equis, a Woodchuck Cider, and a Blue Moon. Not a good combination, but I held up like a champ. Of course, Japan and Korea are not going to stand for my girlie drinks and beers. I suspect that I should bone up on my soju and sake drinking but I think that I might lose a couple of brain cells trying. Lord knows I need them all.

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