Friday, January 26, 2007

If the raw meat doesn't kill me, the Soju will

So I had a full weekend planned for my downtime in Korea. I was looking forward to doing some sightseeing. All of us at work had a big dinner with one of the Vice President of our division. I was going to eat Korean BBQ for the tenth time and I didn’t mind. I sat there and ate and drank to my little heart’s content. The bottles of liquor broke out and it went downhill from there. The VP insisted we all try this very special and very expensive Korean dish. I stared at an enormous plate of raw liver and raw pork. I didn’t want to offend them, but I did not want to eat raw meat. After a couple shots Soju, I decided, what the heck. I ate the meat and washed it all down with several more shots of Soju hoping to kill whatever diseases I was going get. The Koreans seemed pretty impressed with my ability to drink (but they still drank me under the table). I managed to convince my German co-worker, Julia, to go out afterwards. I switched to beer (liquor before beer) and found myself laughing hysterically in a bar throwing darts at a wall (not a dartboard). Me and all the Europeans were sick to our stomachs the entire weekend from that raw meat episode. Note to self: Soju doesn't kill raw meat diseases.

Here is my co-worker Eugene. He is Korean-Canadian. Nothing is better than hearing a Korean guy with a Korean accent that says "aye" all the time. I gave him grief about lumberjacks, hockey players, maple syrup, and moose. He asked me if that's what I really thought of Canadians and I asked him if there REALLY was more to Canada than flannel shirts and mullets.

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