Tuesday, January 9, 2007

FAQ: Why do you hate Dallas?

Just to set the record straight- I do not hate Dallas. I just like to leave it alot. It's a love from afar relationship.

Dallas is a good place to live if you are a frequent flier for American Airlines. It seems that you can fly direct just about anywhere. Madrid, London, NYC, and Puerto Rico- all direct and for a great price. Layovers are my biggest pet peeves. I feel like it's wasted time I could be somewhere. Sometimes I feel that way about sleeping.

I guess the thing about Dallas is my family lives here. I think over the last 12 years I lived away and at this moment I am spending alot of time reconnecting with them. I think that I am blessed with two very healthy (and cranky) parents that I love very much (from afar). I also was able to reconnect with my sister, Vi- who is still a brat, but I love her anyway.

So I guess Dallas isn't a horrible place. No income tax, cheap to live (esp. when you can mooch off your parents while you cavort in Prague), and you don't get too comfortable so you end up doing nothing. I work hard, play hard. So Dallas affords me the kind of life that I want at the present moment.

So, I don't hate Dallas. I just like to get out of Dallas...alot!

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