Monday, January 8, 2007

Travelocity, my dear friend

So I was whining to my friend Chris about man troubles and life when he slapped me upside the head and told me how lucky I was. I have a decent job and I don't have to lie about where I work or cringe when people ask. I have great friends all over the world. I've traveled a great deal recently and I've seen the world more often than others. And he said I was a really cool person and that I am loved by many people. Thanks Chris, it means alot.

He told me to list all the places I've been to and look over the list to see how fortunate that I have had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing these places. It was a real reality check and I think for once in my life, I have accomplished something. These aren't the only places I've been to, but it shows what I remember the most.
Here's the list-

Boston, MA
Home in Austin, Texas
Arizona, New Mexico
Denver, CO
Home in Honolulu, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii
Big Island, Hawaii
Lanai, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Orlando, FL
Myrtle Beach, NC
Las Vegas, NV
Minneapolis, MN
San Francisco, CA
Ignacio, CO
Durango, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Home in Dallas, TX
Saigon, Vietnam
Florence, Lucignano, Arezzo, Rome, Italy
San Diego, CA
Tijuana, Mexico
New York City, NY
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chicago, IL
2007 Tokyo, Japan
2007 Seoul, Korea
2007 Sydney, Australia

Places I'd like to go:
Toronto or Vancouver, Canada
hell, anywhere other than Dallas, TX.

I am working on a vast network of friends so that I can go and crash at their place when I go visit. So if you'd like to be added to the list of "close personal friends of Kim that lives in a kickass place and she can stay with us for free-" by all means let me know.

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