Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kabuki Actor Inn vs. Marriott Hotel

So I got a few emails and an IM from friends that I said should definitely go with the Kabuki Actor Inn (Ginza Yoshimizu) instead of the Marriott Hotel that I had planned on staying at. It is alot cheaper and seems quaint. 11 rooms, I think a family makes meals, and it's close to the train station. So what the hell- I emailed them to see if they had a room available. So if I can get a confirmation, I will be staying there. All I can say if it's a bunch of naked fat Japanese men taking baths 24 hours a day, I'm going to be...slightly amused, but pissed. Last thing I need after a 16 hour flight is some old asian dude learing at me through the rice paper walls. I figure since I am spending very little time in my hotel, I should be alright. It will nice to be able to get to know local people and life rather than the slick city stuff anyway. I'll get plenty of that in Korea. There will be no Internet, phone, or TV- so I will be unreachable until I get to Korea. I might pop into a Internet Cafe to check email though- so feel free to write.

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