Monday, January 8, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Ok, so it's January 9 which is a dollar short for New Year's Resolutions- but you know what? I don't care.

1) Keep in touch with people that are important to me. I'm pretty good when people contact me, but over the years I really think I've lost touch with a few people. Why is that? We're too busy? No, it's I'm too lazy to go down the list and have something unimportant to say other than hey-whassup? So I will have to lead a more interesting life and contact you so I can tell you about it!

2) Not to swear as much. I work in an office of potty mouths. So it's f#$@ and s*&! every other word. Maybe it's stress or the crazy South African. I think it's the cases of Red Bull we buy every week.

3) Drink less Red Bull.

4) Drink less. Okay, so sometimes I am "that girl". The one that loses a contact and talks like a pirate during 8 minute dating. That girl that told Chewbucca on Halloween that he was "awesome" and forgot her first name. Broke into tears at a bar in Italy because she "embarrassed" someone in her group. Spilled Cranberry Vodka all over the entire FC Dallas Soccer Team. Puked in parents front yard. And this was all in 2006. Am I an alchoholic? I don't drink in the morning (anymore). Can I still be fun without the drinking? You bet! Why do I drink so much? Usually I drink too much when I'm in uncomfortable situations. Aha! I bet you didn't know that! And I also drink when I'm stressed and depressed. So it's a triple combo that is not good. So, moderation!

4) Travel more. I think I got that covered.

5) Go after things I want in life. This is for all the people that say I don't have goals or a direction. From now on, I am going to do whatever the heck I wanna do. I have spent way to long doing things other people want me to do. No more! Going to see the world. Going to meet people. Going to have a good time. Those are my 2007 goals.

6) Kickass at work. I'm not a career minded person. I work to live. So what. I can still be great at my job, but my job is not what defines me.

7) Learn when to say "Next!". Sometimes I meet some real worthless pieces of crap. When I come across people like this- I need to give them the heave ho. Ones that don't care about my feelings, that are selfish, and who aren't there for me.

8) Keep my New Year's Resolutions.

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