Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Kabuki Actor Inn Cracks Me Up

So I wrote to the nice people of Ginza Yoshimizu and read up on their place as I awaited their reply. I soon realize that this place is a traditional Japanese inn run by a Japanese family called a ryokan. So, I look on the list of rooms available and requested a room with a private bathroom for my Princess self.

Usually, I go with the flow and I don't demand much while on vacation. However, I have to take a shower every day. So, crapping in the woods and bathing in leech infested waters is not my idea of good vacation fun. I am a city girl through and through. I like watching people, laughing alot, and discovering different things. I am interested in eating local yummy food, speaking badly in a foreign language, and sampling beer from every country. So, the very thought of some stranger doing number 2 in the same room while I am trying to take a bath sounds unappealing (and mortifying). Judge me if you will, I don't care.

So while I waited for my reply email, I read in my travel book that ryokans usually have 11pm curfews. Oh-oh, this was seriously going to crimp my plans on staying out all night drinking until 5am. It is possible that I may decide to go home earlier, but before 11pm? Are they kidding? So I frantically wrote them another email asking them about their curfew.

Here's what they wrote back:
Hello, Miss Kim Tran  
This is a staff for Ginza Yoshimizu. Regarding curfew, We usually closed at main entrance at midnight for security. After you check in, we should be able to consider how you can get in. 
Best regards,

So Kabuki actors don't stay out drinking past midnight? I begin to panic thinking that I may have to go for the boring chain hotel for the soul purpose of not pissing off a nice Japanese family. The last thing I want to do is come back to the hotel at 5am, hungover (or still drunk), cranky, and trying to break into their house so I don't pass out in the front yard.

I received another email shortly after:
We locked the entrance key at 24 o'clock every night. Please come back until 24 o'clock. However, if you would like to come back later than 24 o'clock by all means, we could rent you a side door key. You could enter at our inn by using the side door key. So, if you would like to do so, please ask at our staff in advance!

Ok, there was obviously a conversation about this crazy American chick who is gallivanting around Tokyo past 24 o'clock. So I get free breakfast, a toilet, a bathtub, and my own key -score!

So they send me this nice email:
Hello, Miss Kim Tran
This is a reservation staff. I got your confirmation and accept your offer of side door's key. And It enough to make a reservatoin. We all staff are looking forward to meeting you. Thank you! Best regards,

The fact that I want a side key is enough for a reservation? This should be interesting.

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Lupy96818 said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with sharing a bathroom. But I guess you probably don't want to put on a free show:) hope you have fun