Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kim's Get the Hell Out of Dallas Tour- Day One

Destination Tokyo:

God tries to tell me not to fly.

I’d like to say that any travel that involves me starts off without a hitch, but that is never going to happen. Not when I travel alone. I realized that this is the first time I’ve been left to my own devices on a trip. The first day of my tour started off with a snow day in Dallas, which is pretty rare. My boss actually called me at the crack of dawn to let me know that it would take an extra 2 hours to get the airport because of the snow. Which I thought was nice. He was on his way to Aspen, CO for vacation. So, I began my harrowing journey to Japan.

I was able to squeeze into the airport on time and onto the plane without any hassle. Unfortunately, we had to wait for them to de-ice the plane. That took 3 ½ hours of sitting on the runway. I ended up in Tokyo at 11:00pm the next day after a 17 hour flight. The taxi had no idea where my hotel was, so he dropped me off 1 block away on a different street. Try walking around a foreign country with 3 bags trying to ask people directions after traveling for 20 hours straight. Ugh. Luckily, a nice man that spoke 5 words of English led me to my hotel. Too late to eat anything so I decided to take a shower and then pass out. I finally made it!
I took a picture of my room so you can see what a traditional style room looks like. That bed on the floor hurt my back. I thought I was going to permanantly be a hunchback. It was still pretty neat. The hotel guy set up the bed and asked lots of questions about where I was from. I almost fell asleep while he was talking. When I told him I was from Dallas, he asked me a million questions about the Dallas Cowboys. It's good to know that people in Japan know all about the Dallas Cowboys. How strange!

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