Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I Got Friends in Low Places

Speaking of a list of close personal friends who have a place I can crash at...
1. Randyboy or Shawnathon C.- Honolulu, HI
2. David and Theresa or Jackie and Jeff- Austin, TX
3. Art (Garfunkel) and Crystal - Rhoda, Spain (April!)
4. Gisela Family and Friends- Lucignano, Italy
5. Chrispoo- Jamestown, New York
6. Helena/Soo/Lisa/Tage- New York City, NY
7. John(john) L.- San Francisco, CA
8. Sheydah/Janet- London, England
9. Family- Saigon, Vietnam
10. John L. /Jennie M.- Boston, MA
11. Temple F./Ed P./Katie M- Virginia/Washington D.C.
12. Uncle Minh- Paris, France
13. Kent L.- Sydney, Australia
14. Kevin H.- Minneapolis, MN
15. Randyboy/Jackie- Shanghai/Beijing China
16. Wes P./Family- Los Angeles, California
17. Family-Orlando, FLA
18. Bernell (B)- South Africa
19. Julia- Frankfurt, Germany
20. Derek- Naples, Italy

If you are not on this list, you probably never invited me, so by all means, tell me to add you.

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